With the passage of postwar years, the nature of the bathing resort changed. While the area was previously dominated by private pension houses for private guests, in the 1960s and 1970s the summer life of Ustka begins to be enriched by large holiday centers, built for employees of large workplaces from all over Poland. However, workers and intelligentsia working from big cities came to Ustka only in the summer. Therefore, local authorities wanted large plants to invest in the construction of an all-year-round base. This basis was to be used for the development of the health resorts established in 1974, and subordinated to the management of the Health Resort in Połczyn Zdrój. As recalled by Edward Pokorny, who worked in Ustka for many years as a health resort doctor, in the mid-1970s, new, large facilities began to provide full-year services, becoming the basis of spa treatment initiated at the time.

The establishment of an own health resort, initially subordinate to Połczyn, Ustka owed to the setup of the first three sanatoriums. Those were: “Azoty”, built in 1973, for the employees of Zakłady Azotowe in Kędzierzyn Koźle. Currently, the facility is widely known as the “Ustka” Hotel. “Pomorze”, built in 1974. Originally it was a holiday resort of Bydgoskie Przedsiębiorstwo Budownictwa Przemysłowego (the Bydgoszcz Industrial Construction Enterprise). The facility was initially designed in the so-called Italian style with external galleries which led directly to rooms. For a long time, it was the seat of the State Enterprise “Uzdrowisko Ustka” (Ustka Health Resort). “Radość” (Joy), built in 1975 by the “Bielska Dzianina” (formerly Lantex) factory in Bielsko-Biała. Those three were joined by subsequent large centers: “Energetyk” (Energetics), “Jantar” (Amber), “Słoneczna” (Sunny), “Włókniarz” (Textile Worker) and “Włókniareczka” (Mill Girl), “Posejdon” (Poseidon), “Perła” (Pearl) as well as “Promyk” (Ray) and “Tęcza” (Rainbow). Spa treatments with the use of sea water, therapeutic peaty mud, and more were performed in the Natural Medicine Institute, former German “Warmbad”, which served as a municipal bath until 1974.

Therapeutic Qualities of Ustka

Even before the First World War, a guide to German bathing resorts from 1908 recommended Ustka as a summer resort, free from the plague of mosquitoes. Strolls along the beach and coastal forest tracks were to soothe nerves and treat conditions such as cardiovascular and lung diseases. The fundamental, therapeutic quality of Ustka is its localization directly at the open sea. This creates ideal conditions for thalassotherapy. But the sea and the beach are not the only wealth of the resort. There are numerous other specific and therapeutically beneficial factors that coexist here. All have been profoundly checked. Andrzej Alojzy Jaworski, an employee of the State Enterprise “Uzdrowisko Ustka” (Ustka Health Resort) of many years and a specialist in balneology, cites an anecdote that in the research stage preceding Ustka being granted a health resort (1988) status, it turned out that the most talked about phenomena in Ustka at that time was the spring warble of larks and the climb of the famous car “Maluch” (“The Little One”, or ”The Toddler”) to the railway viaduct.

Another phenomenon specific to Ustka is the hydrothermal cushion. It exists thanks to the temperature difference between the sea and the port channel, and the mainland.  The follow up is the natural purification of the air in Ustka of all kinds of dust that descends into the water. Ustka also possesses deposits of therapeutic peat, the so-called peloid and – a little deeper – thermal salt waters. They have a substantial magnesium content. Thanks to a borehole much more than half a kilometer deep, these naturally warm healing waters obtained by the “Uzdrowisko Ustka” (Ustka Health Resort) and in the five-star spa hotel “Grand Lubicz” allow visitors to enjoy therapeutic and relaxing baths. Thus, “Uzdrowisko Ustka” (Ustka Health Resort) also has the status of a mining plant.


Who does this tax concern?

Pursuant to the Act on Local Taxes and Fees, the commune council may introduce a health resort tax, which is collected from natural persons staying longer than a day for health, tourist, recreational or training purposes in towns which have been granted the health resort status. As is known, Ustka has such a status.

Who is in charge of collecting the fee?

The binding resolutions of the Ustka City Council:

  1. 1. of October 29, 2019 No. XIII/128/2019, which specifies the amount of the fee, the rules for collection and settlement as well as the amount of remuneration due to collectors (in the city of Ustka, the rate of the health resort tax is set at PLN 3.80 for each commenced day of stay),
  2. 2. of 28 November, 2019 No. XV/151/2019, in which collectors were appointed to collect the health resort tax, impose the obligation to collect the health resort tax on collectors, who are entrepreneurs operating in the field of hotel services, as well as other indicated persons.

What is the fee collection procedure?

The collector indicated in the resolution of the Ustka City Council is responsible for collecting the health resort tax, in accordance with the provisions of the tax ordinance,and is also obliged to pay the collected fee timely to the bank account of the Ustka City Hall.The collector is responsible for the health resort taxes with all his assets. swoim majątkiem.

Are the activities of collectors subject to control?

The city of Ustka has the right to conduct tax proceedings regarding the collection and settlement of the health resort tax by collectors. If any irregularities are found, the City is obliged to issue a tax liability decision of the collector, in which it specifies the amount due for the unpaid or collected but unpaid health resort tax.

What is the purpose of revenues from the fees?

Income from the health resort tax is an important item in the city budget, which allows making expenses related to its promotion and development, thus translating into an increased number of tourists and, consequently, also into the income of Ustka residents. Income from the health resort tax supports municipal investments that serve tourists and residents. In 2019, these funds were spent, among others for cleaning and maintaining the beach, including securing the bathing areas by lifeguards, also stop shelters for cyclists have been built, many green areas have been developed, and the standard of sports facilities has been raised. Income from the health resort tax is also important because we additionally receive a designated donation from the State Budget, equal to the funds collected by the city. Please be reminded that 15% of the collected health resort tax is the commission fee due to the collectors.


“Grand Lubicz”: the Showcase of Ustka Health Resort

The history of this place began as early as the 1980s. This time already marked the beginning of an investment that was to become the local Institute of Natural Medicine. However, due to a lack of financial resources at the beginning of the last decade, construction work was held up. The situation changed in 2010 when, after the purchase, the property was acquired by the De Lubicz Szeliskich Family, which was already successfully running the four-star Hotel Lubicz SPA& & Wellness located in Ustka. The owners recognized the huge potential of the town, not only as a coastal resort but as a health resort, as well. This combination gave rise to one of the most modern hotels on our coast, the 5 ***** Grand Lubicz Hotel – Ustka Health Resort, which is successfully managed by Łukasz de Lubicz Szeliski, a graduate of the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management in Gdansk who has been associated with the hotel industry for 15 years. A man with passion, imaginative ideas and a positive attitude towards people.

Therapeutic Methods in the “Grand Lubicz” Health Resort

Zabieg leczniczy w Uzdrowisku Ustka

In 1979, a 705-meter deep well was drilled in Ustka. The recent modernization of the borehole enables the acquisition of therapeutic, hypothermic mineral water for one of the wellness pools of the hotel “Grand Lubicz”. It mainly contains sodium chloride and iodides. The water temperature is 28-30 degrees. The recommended bath time is up to 20 minutes. Such a bath acts on skin receptors, the nervous system and tissue hormones, reduces the excitability of the sensory and motor nerves, increases circulation in the skin, enhances the immune system, strengthens the body, normalizes blood pressure and helps the heart. The hotel’s medical and rehabilitation center includes a complex of diagnostic and treatment rooms fit with modern medical and rehabilitation equipment, which allows for a total of about 50 different treatments at the same time. The scope of therapies delivered in the medical and rehabilitation center covers: specialist medical consultations, orthopedic and traumatic diseases, diseases of the nervous system, rheumatological diseases, cardiological diseases and hypertension, respiratory diseases, rehabilitation of women after mastectomy, diabetes, osteoporosis, occupational diseases.


Ustka Health Resort

Ustka Health Resort is the oldest such facility in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, and its healing traditions have been known for over 150 years. Currently, Ustka is an asylum for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, people with cardiovascular and motor problems. Treated here are also stomach, thyroid and nervous diseases.

A stay in Ustka is recommended for people suffering from conditions of the:
– cardiovascular system
– respiratory system
– musculoskeletal system
– rheumatic
– internal secretion and metabolism

Ustka Health Resort offers over 50 types of modern medical treatments. Treatments can be enjoyed by residents of sanatorium-rehabilitation centers after consulting a spa doctor – including brine baths, carbonic acid baths, peat baths, electrotherapy, as well as individual tourists without doctor referral – including pearl baths, Scottish shower, underwater and classic massages, saline inhalations, paraffin compresses.

Forms of treatment:
– – accommodation in a sanatorium in a comfortable single or double room with full sanitary facilities, medical care, full board, healing treatments as well as entertainment, cultural, tourist and sports attractions. The sale of spa services is carried out according to the customer’s needs to be agreed: date of stay, treatment cycle, diet (low calorie, low cholesterol, balanced, etc.). On request, individual nutrition is provided, e.g. a vegetarian or diabetes diet.
– – outpatient – accommodation in any chosen facility (hotel, guesthouse, private accommodation, etc.), self-catering and individual use of treatments at the Natural Medicine Institute under the supervision of a balneologist.

Hotel Grand Lubicz Ustka Health Resort

The most impressive spa facility – and by the way the “flagship” of the hotel industry in Ustka – is the Grand Lubicz Ustka Health Resort. It can be found at Wczasowa 4 Street, on the eastern outskirts of the center. In the 1980s, it was planned to establish a Natural Medicine Center here, but the investment was interrupted for financial reasons. In 2010, the site was purchased by the Lubicz family, who had already run one hotel in Ustka. After several years of intensive construction works, the Grand Lubicz Hotel – Ustka Health Resort was built here; it was a combination of a luxurious, five-star hotel with a top-shelf spa facility. The whole area is 28 thousand km2, or almost three hectares under a roof. It is the largest such complex in Pomerania: it includes, among others 311 rooms and 26 SPA rooms. The building housed a medical spa zone with hydromassage, centrifuges for individual body parts, Scottish showers, facilities adapted to various baths (brine, mud), as well as medical practices.

Grand Lubicz also offers a gym, fitness room, bowling alley, multi-functional sports field, disco and a very large, two-level water park. In the latter, the water surface alone covers an area of 1.2 thousand m2. There is a brine pool with underwater speakers, a 70-meter slide, a jacuzzi and a sauna and bath center. Grand Lubicz continues to welcome families with children, which is not so obvious in five-star hotels.

Adres: Address: ul. Wczasowa 4, 76-270 Ustka

“Tęcza” Sanatorium (“Rainbow” Sanatorium)

Non-Public Institution of Health Resort Treatment Sanatorium TĘCZA is one of the most attractive sanatorium and recreation centers.  It is located about 100 meters from the beach, promenade and port – this is one of our core assets. The stimulating sea climate packed with iodine, specific for Ustka, sets up conditions for inhalation that cannot be obtained artificially.

Adres: ul. Chopina 1/3, 76-270 Ustka

“Perła” Sanatorium Cottage (“Pearl” Sanatorium Cottage)

“Perła” Sanatorium Cottage in Ustka has a special location. The distance to the sea is only a few dozen meters – the area of the Center is bordered to the seaside promenade. The cliff coast and the direct descent to the long beach set up great conditions for treatment, rehabilitation and relaxation.Wooden paths encourage hiking. It is also a great place for enthusiasts of bicycle expeditions – cycle paths run next to the Center. There is a bike rental on site.

“Perła” Sanatorium Cottage is all about treatment and rehabilitation. Thanks to its own treatment base, there are sanatorium camps and stays available for people for whom a sea climate with iodine-rich air is recommended.

The offer covers single and double rooms and apartments, all with bathrooms.
The center is fenced.
There is an unguarded paid car park on the premises of the Center.

ul. Wczasowa 27, 76-270 Ustka

“Radość” Recreation Center (“Joy” Recreation Center)

“Radość” Recreation Center has a four-level hotel with an elevator. It can host over 200 people at one time. The center also has facilities for the disabled. The accommodation base is complemented by: dining room, cafe, and a terrace for sunbathing. There is a barbecue area, a volleyball court, a ping-pong table, and table football. All children are welcome to the playroom and the playground.

The resort is situated on the main seaside promenade and the beach located at a distance of 20 meters from the sea. The location of the center ensures that tourists are always at the heart of the action, and at the same time in close proximity to charming beaches and fragrant forests. It also makes it possible to efficiently reach various means of communication – 800 m from the railway station, 700 m from the bus station. The distance does Słupsk is around 17 km.

Functional, 2-bed rooms with full sanitary facilities and 2 rooms without sanitary facilities (access to the bathroom through the entrance from the corridor), 2-person apartments, consisting of two rooms (a double bed in the bedroom, a sofa in the living room). Most of the rooms have a balcony. All rooms are equipped with TV, radio, telephone, towels, screens, deckchairs. There is a hot water dispenser in the corridor. We do not accept pets. It is not possible to accommodate 1 person in a double room.

Adres: ul. Bolesława Limanowskiego 11, 76-270 Ustka