Seaside Promenade

Undoubtedly, a favorite place for strolls is the Seaside Promenade. This pedestrian avenue which has existed since as far as 1875 is now an over 2-km route. After countless modernizations, it presently has a renovated surface, a moody lighting, bicycle stands and numerous benches – one of which is taken by Irena Kwiatkowska (a sculpture depicting a famous actress). In the summer season, the Seaside Promenade is buzzing with life, offering a rich gastronomic and cultural offer. Major events take place here: concerts, theater performances and sports events.

Adres: ul. Promenada Nadmorska

Old Fishing Settlement

The Old Fishing Settlement is located between today’s Czerwonych Kosynierów and Marynarki Polskiej streets. Initially, it captured the area among the dunes. In the 11th century, the first fishermen’s huts were set up here. The area was dominated by half-timbered buildings, so eagerly used to build houses in Pomerania. Today, the Old Fishing Settlement is undergoing revitalization aimed at restoring its former character. Only a few houses have remained here, which belong to the most eminent inhabitants of Ustka – ship captains.

Adres: ul. Czerwonych Kosynierów i ul. Marynarki Polskiej


The Polish coast can boast seventeen lighthouses, but the Ustka lighthouse deserves a special focus as it is distinguished by interesting architecture. Erected on the plan of an octagonal tower, and decorated with numerous cornices – the lighthouse has been outlining the way ahead for ships to the port for over a hundred years. In addition to admiring the building from the outside, it is also worth visiting it inside. After climbing only 68 steps, we are awaited by an unbelievable view of the sea, the beach and the Ustka panorama.

Adres: Marynarki Polskiej 1


The vicinity of the Ustka port is a readily selected place for strolls, both among tourists and native inhabitants of the city. On the route that runs along the port canal you can see moored vessels: fishing boats, sailing yachts and galleon-styled pirate ships. The latter welcome on board, offering a tour of the Baltic waters. For holidaymakers who prefer to stay on land, there are numerous taverns and fish stalls in the port where you can enjoy cod, herring, halibut and even shark.

Adres: Port Ustka


Atrakcje turystyczne w Ustce

The rotating footbridge, launched in 2013, and connecting the opposite shores of Słupia, is the only such structure in Europe. It allows to get to the other side of the port in a convenient and quick way. It is alternately opened – allowing for use by pedestrians, and closed – allowing the movement of vessels. In addition to being of great importance in terms of communication, it is also a unique tourist attraction. Be sure to see the footbridge at night, when it also impresses with colorful lighting.

Adres: Port Ustka

John Paul II Square (mock-up of the old Ustka)

Where Marynarki Polskiej Street approaches the port marks the location of the John Paul II Square, which was once place to a church dedicated to St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and merchants. The light of the torch placed on the tower was the first navigation that set the way for ships. The square is surrounded by houses, belonging to the then captains, which have survived to this day. For that reason, the park is also goes by the name Captain’s Alley. Thanks to the “Old Fishing Settlement, former church square, turn of the 18th and 19th century” mock-up, you can see what this part of Ustka looked like in the past.

Adres: ul.Marynarki Polskiej 23

Villa District

When we stroll along Żeromskiego Street, going towards the promenade, we come across one of the finest examples of Ustka’s architecture – Villa Red. The structure is a red brick building dating from 1886, created in Wilhelmine style; it was probably made for Otto von Bismarck. The walking route also doesn’t lack impressive houses, which are villas built at the beginning of the 20th century. They are characterized by distinctive turrets and protruding porches. Our attention is drawn by carved doors and arched windows of the buildings, as well as wrought iron balustrades on the balconies.

Adres: ul. Żeromskiego, ul. Mickiewicza

The “Dolphin” Cinema

Ustka can boast one of the oldest cinemas in Poland, which still displays the current repertoire. In the times of the People’s Republic of Poland, the cinema hosted concerts, performances and shows. It enjoyed great popularity at the time – there was always a long queue to the ticket offices. After a major overhaul, the Ustka Cinema has regained its former splendor. Before the screening, it is worth taking a tour of the facility, combined with the presentation of antique projectors. There is also a music pub and a guesthouse in the building, where you will feel like a movie star.

Address: Marynarki Polskiej 82
Telefon: 602772575 | 602274390/

The Fish Market

On the west side of the port lies the Fish Market. There, local fishermen sell fresh fish caught on their vessels. Thanks to the Fish Market mobile application launched in 2018, you can browse information about the availability, price and date of sale of fish on an ongoing basis. There are plenty of buyers, so to ensure that there is enough tasty cod, herring or halibut, it is worth placing an order via the app. The application also displays the restaurants in Ustka that stock up on the fish market.

Address: Bohaterów Westerplatte 19

The Ghost Pond

Notorious many years ago, today the Ghost Pond is an ideal destination for hiking and cycling trips. There are stories of ghosts and apparitions, luring people into the dark depths of the lake with mysterious light. A dark legend tells about a sunken carriage that brought an end to the lives of the heir and his family. Currently, the area around the pond has been modernized, there are wooden piers, benches and information boards. It is a pleasure to rest within the woods and enjoy a view to steep hills. In case of rainy weather, you can take shelter in the shed.

Address: Seekenmoor; zachodnia część Ustki

Ustka Murals

There are three maritime murals in Ustka, created according to woodcuts by the Japanese artist Hokusai. Their creation and unveiling took place in 2017.

The “Radość” Sanatorium (or “Joy” Sanatorium) in Ustka is decorated with a mosaic designed by Irena Zahorska in the late 1970s. This expressive composition, full of sea creatures, was made of ceramic elements (including porcelain fragments, e.g. cups, plates, jugs or lids).

On the other hand, on Słowiańska Street we can see a mural on the wall of a building adjacent to the town hall. It was created in 2017 on the initiative of the civic budget, and it portrays the sea with the poem by Czesław Miłosz titled “Gift”. The project, the author of which is the Słupsk artist Piotr Igor Salata, was made by the Indygo Foundation.

On top of that, there are three more murals on Marynarki Polskiej Street – two were made by the Museum of the Pomeranian Folk Culture in Swołów. The third mural is located in the “Mistral – tu i teraz” Café (or “Here and Now Mistral” Café), and was designed by the famous artist Jacek Frąckiewicz.

Address: ul. Zaruskiego 1a, ul. Słowiańska, ul. Marynarki Polskiej oraz ul. Limanowskiego

The Graduation Tower

One of the newest attractions in Ustka is the graduation tower, situated in the Ustka Shipyard Park. Its walls are tiled with blackthorn, and are overflown with brine obtained from the local deposit “Ustka 1”. As it pours down, it splashes, creating a miraculous aerosol which is additionally cleansed by a bactericidal ultraviolet lamp and a sand filter. The graduation tower operates in a closed circuit, and the brine is stored in two underground tanks – a circulating one and a supplementary one. Its concentration in water is regulated automatically and amounts to 5%. It is replaced every two months.
This place should be frequently visited by people with respiratory disorders, although enjoying the benefits of healthy air is good to everyone.

Address: Park Usteckich Stoczniowców


Ustka is famous for its beautiful beaches, which are often the ultimate destination of most holidaymakers. They are considered as one of the greatest on the Polish coast. There are two bathing areas: Ustka East and Ustka West. The former is located on the eastern side of the port, near the city center, which explains its popularity. The section guarded by lifeguards is about half a kilometer long, although the beach itself is much broader. Recently, its width has also increased thanks to an artificial reef fixed in the sea to limit the destructive activity of waves. It is also fashionable to visit the beach in winter, when there is the greatest amount of iodine in the air, and amber on the sand (recently it has been possible to collect it without permission). Winter is also the time of ice swimmers, or lovers of refreshing baths. . . On the other side of the port there is a western bathing area, recently more accessible thanks to a rotating footbridge. The beach is wider and much peaceful here, and its guarded part is 200-m long. Walking further, you can reach the Third Pier, an unfinished investment from the times of the Third Reich.

Every year, the city of Ustka receives a prestigious distinction awarded to the best European bathing areas. The Blue Flag is granted to resorts that meet stringent criteria in the field of sewage management and water purity.

For many years, Ustka has been on the podium of the most prestigious ranking of beaches, prepared annually by the portal (2nd place in 2019 and 2018, 1st place in 2017 and 2015). “The authors of the ranking not only assessed the appearance of beaches, but also the accommodation, catering and entertainment infrastructure of seaside resorts. The overview is prepared by journalists, who visit tourist towns just before the summer holidays. This year they visited seventy such cities.”