Bunkers – Meeting Park with History

It’s not just military enthusiasts who can experience an interesting choice of free time activities while exploring Blücher Bunkers. This German fortification is located on the western side of the Ustka port. The underground shelters can be explored individually or with a guide. The History Meeting Park was created here – a multimedia gallery showing the daily life of soldiers stationed in bunkers. The events that took place during the war in Ustka and its vicinity were shown on interactive screens and three-dimensional photos. In the summer season, you can also take advantage of an additional attraction – the shooting range.

Address: Bohaterów Westerplatte 40
phone no. 698 669 446

The Museum of Bread

Odwiedź muzea w Ustce!

Established on the initiative of Ustka bakers in 1998, the Museum of Bread has become one of the most interesting attractions of the city. Over two thousand exhibits have been gathered in the attic of the family bakery to bring you closer to the history of baking and confectionery. There we will see antique waffle irons, old dough kneading machines, almost a hundred-year-old candy vending machine and cooling cabinets operating without electricity. The impressive collection is complemented by archival family documentation as well as postcards and pictures about baking.

Address: Marynarki Polskiej 49
phone no. 59 814 48 40

Museum of the Ustka Land

Odwiedź muzea w Ustce!

The inscription “Ustczanie sobie” (“The Ustka people to one another”) placed on one of the houses at Marynarki Polskiej Street definitely attracts attention. It is here that the Museum of the Ustka Land is located in a restored 18th-century half-timbered building. The exhibition inside tells about the history of the city and its inhabitants. Among the exhibits, you will find antique typewriters, German photographic equipment and. . . a swimsuit trendy at the beginning of the previous century. You can also see numerous souvenirs of the former Ustka Shipyard.

Address: Marynarki Polskiej 62A
phone no.: 59 814 33 02

Creative Activity Center

Odwiedź muzea w Ustce!

Since 2013, Ustka proudly presents the Creative Activity Center – the only such facility in Poland, and one of the few in Europe. In the modernized grain granary at Zaruskiego Street there is a sculpture and ceramics workshop as well as a computer graphics and film studio. Artists and local residents alike can use the most modern hardware and software. The facility popularizes contemporary art and prepares for its conscious, active reception through interdisciplinary workshops.

Address: ul. Gen. Zaruskiego 1a
phone no. 59 814 52 95

The Mineralogical Museum

- Odwiedź muzea w Ustce!

The Mineralogical Museum is set in an unusual location. In the underground anti-aircraft shelter, you can see a rich exhibition of minerals and fossils. The museum also presents a large collection of shells from the seas and oceans around the world. The youngest visitors will definitely get captured by the dinosaur skeleton at the end of the hundred-meter long corridor. In a tiny shop next to the entrance to the bunker, you can buy original ornaments made of semi-precious stones and numerous souvenirs from Ustka.

Address: Bolesława Limanowskiego 9
phone no. 603 081 763

The Amber Museum

Muzeum Bursztynu - nowa atrakcja w Ustce

The museum presents a large collection of various amber. Here you can see specimens caught from the sea, found in the fields, sea rock nuggets with barnacles, characteristic specimens called drops or the so-called “horseman’s pick”. The largest rock nugget on display in the facility weighs as much as 1,776 grams. Collections are presented in nine thematic rooms. Among them one may find a room devoted to inclusions (both animal and plant), a cinema room (where a 20-minute film is played), an amber forest, a room with utility exhibits or one where you can see the largest and most interesting specimens. The youngest tourists will probably enjoy the workshop room, where they can try their hand at amber processing (children can grind and polish the amber nuggets). Very interesting are utility exhibits gathered here, e.g. various pendants, ornaments, rosaries, paintings or even pipes. In the course of exploring, we will learn methods for checking the authenticity of amber, when to look for it and how to recognize it, ways of processing amber in the past and how it is done today.

Address: Marynarki Polskiej 50
phone no. 695 512 960