Columbus Wind Festival

Wydarzenia - Ustka - Columbus Festiwal Wiatru 2019

A sky event by the water, usually held in July, which is gaining momentum year by year During the Columbus Wind Festival, you must raise your head high to see heart-stopping, stomach-dropping shows, including aerial and paramotor acrobatics, and an air armada overflight. A great range of emotions is triggered by a staging of air battles and the “landing” of parachuters. Part of the festival are balloon shows, as well as motor paragliding competitions with the participation of the best contestants in the world. Anyone wishing to can discover more about this sport and even learn to bring the wing up. You can enjoy an exhibition of flying equipment and photos taken from the air. At night spectators can expect conspicuous pyrotechnics and music concerts. A peculiar attraction is the concert of a symphony orchestra to the accompaniment of hot air balloon burners.

Grand Lubicz Light Festival

Another event that marks the beginning of the holiday season. Spectacular presentations combine music, laser shows by the sea and complex light installations.. The promenade and the port will feature an appearance of few-meter tall mushrooms, large dragonflies and water lilies. The musical setting will be provided by excellent DJs, representatives of club music. Another not to be missed attraction is 3D mapping: a multimedia projection that consists in projecting an image on existing objects (usually buildings). The proper mix of special effects gives viewers the impression of a fire or a collapsing building. The first mapping in the history of Ustka took place in 2019 and was done on a lighthouse. Due to the nature of the event, the most interesting performances take place after dark: it is worth making a reservation and arriving early enough to have a good view.

The Fish Harvest Festival

Dożynki Rybne

The August Fish Harvest Festival is one of the most cyclical events in the Ustka calendar They are celebrated as the official Ustka Festival and the Polish Army Day. The most goes on at the promenade and in the port, although the program also includes the so-called Fish Parade along Marynarki Polskiej Street, during which fishermen dress up in historic outfits. Participants can take part in fishing and maritime games, art workshops for children, demonstrations of sewing and repairing fishing nets, throwing competitions, as well as numerous associated events. The Fish Harvest Festival is also associated with a fair where you can purchase local fish products and craftsmen’s work. There are also themed culinary shows. As part of the Polish Army Day, there are also military parades. The evening is traditionally a time of concerts (including shanty concerts). It is worth noting there is an award granted to the best fisherman during the harvest festival. The initiator of the event is the shipowner from Ustka, Adam Jakubiak.

Formoza Challenge

Formoza Challenge 2020

Those seeking extreme experiences can enjoy the Formoza Challenge. The event with the participation of an elite commando unit is held under the theme “We never leave our own”. The beach in Ustka is flooded by a wave of players. Individually or in teams, they have a distance of 5 or 10 km to cover. The route runs through sand, mud and water, and is also full of natural and artificially created obstacles. Completing the killing track is an opportunity to overcome your own weaknesses and appreciate teamwork.

Sound of Gravity

Sound of Gravity

The event taking place in July is a real treat for enthusiasts of cycling sports – and in the most extreme version. The Sound of Gravity is all about high-altitude cycling acrobatics (up to 6 meters!) that defy the law of gravity, performed by the best dirt jumping experts in Poland, repeatedly applauded at competitions around the world. The shows are arranged according to a complicated script, thanks to which they keep the viewer in suspense from beginning to end. Some take place during the day, while others after dark, in the spotlight, with additional special effects, such as a fire performance. Part of the events are also obstacle courses and themed competitions. The cyclists are accompanied by champions of scooters and roller skates. The event takes place on the promenade and in the port. The musical setting will be provided by electronic sounds at the superior world level.

Mistral Festiwal

There comes a day during which theatrical actors leave the theater walls and move to the streets of Ustka. The Mistral Festival – which we are referring to – presents contemporary art in the open air. Not only is the location extraordinary, the performances themselves also stand out against those we are used to watching. Attention of the spectators is attracted by huge, moving decorations and pyrotechnic effects. The actors engage the audience in performances.

International Organ and Chamber Music Festival

Festiwal Muzyki Organowej i Kameralnej

Enthusiasts of high-end cultural entertainment should visit Ustka in the summer season (July and August), during the International Organ and Chamber Music Festival. The event is of all-Poland nature – viewers can applaud artists from all over the country. The concerts take place in the evenings, and their stage is the Neo-Gothic church of the Most Holy Savior (Kościelna 4 Street), fit with invaluable, 19th-century organs from the workshop of Völkner from Duninów. Beside their sound, you can also enjoy vocal performances, as well as the sound of instruments such as the flute, violin or concert bassoon.

Ustka Charlotta Sailing Days

Ustka Charlotta Sailing Days 2020

For several days, the waters of the Baltic Sea become a place for rivalry between competitors, racing on catamarans and yachts. Sea waves provide excellent conditions to test your skills, acquired mainly in the waters of the lake. The regatta is the perfect opportunity to prepare for an international competition. Ustka Charlotta Sailing Days brings over 50 sailing crews to the city. In their free time, regatta participants can exchange expertise and give each other valuable pointers. The competition is cheered by a packed audience.

Sea Days

The annual Sea Days in Ustka is among the most attractive and liked events – our guests associate it with the beginning of holidays. The program is extremely diverse, as befits a greeting of summer: a parade of boats, concerts (including chantey) and a fish market on the western side of the port. The latest attraction is the “sprinkling” of the Ustka Mermaid (since mermaids do not enjoy being dry for a long time). A unit of the Maritime Search and Rescue Service sails towards the monument and pours it abundantly with a water cannon to the joy of the audience. There are also spectacular regattas organized every year. Anyone who wishes can try out their skills at washing gold.

Bielsko-Biała and the Beskids in Ustka

This event has already grown into a cyclical rank. Every year (in July), Beskid highlanders come to Ustka to promote the culture of their region among inhabitants and tourists Catering areas with culinary specialties of Podbeskidzie and Beskidy enjoy unflagging popularity. Everyone wants to check the taste of pork neck, sauerkraut soup, or. . . grilled pig snouts. “Oscypek” cheese (cold and hot, with cranberries) or locally prepared pickled cucumbers are essentials. Of course, the event is not just about cuisine. It is also the place of highlander handicraft presentations and folklore performances.

Pierre Rene Fashion Show

Pokaz Mody z Pierre Rene 2019

The summer presentation is a perfect offer for lovers of the fashion world. The street catwalk presents the creations of Polish designers, including those known from newspapers. The event is held under the auspices of the increasingly well-known cosmetics company Pierre René, which is based in Ustka. In 2018, creations were presented by: Michał Starost, Karolina Kalska, Aleksandra Kobielak (IFBB Pro), Patryk Wojciechowski, Santina Zienkiewicz and original jewelry designer Patrycja Brendler. In 2019, the catwalk featured the designs of Karolina Kalska, Aleksandra Kobielak (IFBB Pro), Patryk Wojciechowski, Santina Zienkiewicz and Rafał Karasiewicz. The star of the shows in 2019 was Maciej Zień – an exceptional designer who was featured on the prestigious list of the most valuable stars of Polish showbusiness by Forbes magazine.

Pierre René, one of the fastest-growing companies on the Polish cosmetics market, takes care of all the make-up presented during the event. The whole is accompanied by music, and the shows are varied by live performances of female vocalists accompanied by DJs.

Ustka Charlotta Enduro Extreme

Ustka Charlotta Enduro Extreme

Ustka Charlotta Enduro Extreme is an international motorcycle race of an extreme endurance rally – Enduro.It is the largest such event in the northern part of Poland.
The competition takes place in two locations: Ustka hosts the so-called “Prolog” and a day later, there is the final race in Charlotta Valley, located 14 km from Ustka.
The races aim to identify the most comprehensively talented riders from all off–road disciplines – both Enduro, Cross Country and Trial. Participants must face various terrain conditions, both natural and artificially prepared extreme sections.